Better Buses


I’m a pretty frequent bus user, usually a couple of times a week.
The things that spring to mind with regards to improvements for the buses are ticketing and mapping. With regards to tickets – it would be great if you could buy a single journey ticket that lasted about an hour so you could change bus in the one journey. For example, to travel from Finnieston to Shawlands you can’t get a direct bus, so you have to pay 2 single fares (or day tickets etc) to make the journey. Ideally, a more integrated transport system, similar to London, with the subway, trains and buses all linked and ticketed together would be great, complete with Oyster cards, but I realise this is easier said than done!

With regards to mapping, I think that all bus stops should have maps, including information about how far you can travel for the different fare options, which would make the bus system much easier to use for visitors and locals alike.

I’m quite interested in improving public transport, and firmly believe that Glasgow should have a better transport system as seen in London, Edinburgh, and many other cities in Europe.

via email. At a Glasgow bus stop.

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