Better Buses


I am pleased to see that you are studying the current bus service provision in Glasgow.

My concern is not so much with reliability (although this may be a problem elsewhere) but the constant well above inflation ratcheting up of costs. Increasing the fare from Yorkhill to the City Centre from £1.35 to £1.80 was the final straw. Perhaps I should thank First Bus as I now walk into town.

For people on low incomes, such increases are significant. There is also the ‘exact money only’ which I am sure nets a bonus for firstbus as people don’t arrive with the correct change often.

The Underground is also an alternative. At £1.20 it is excellent value but I fear it will go up too to finance the ongoing renovations at various stations. Personally, I didn’t think there was much wrong with the interiors of the stations.

My principle gripe is with the whole concept of private provision when something is a natural monopoly. Taking the bus in Edinburgh is a better experience – I hope that Lothian Buses is not forced to subsidise the trams. The state still has to subsidise certain services, so whats the point?

There is much that could be done to get people off the bus in general. It is a shame that the M8 was built on top of several underground stations, as these would make good sites for dense residential development. Glasgow’s suburban rail network could be converted to a dedicated Metro like system, as in North East England.

I believe an independent Scotland would offer more scope to take such steps e.g. nationalising the buses.

via email. At a Glasgow bus stop.

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