Better Buses


I really enjoyed reading that article slating Firstbus in The Herald.   It basically tore apart their catastrophic pricing structure, poor fleet and customer service. It provided evidence to show that First were trying to squeeze existing customers to make up for lack of profitability. What has ended up happening though is that their passenger numbers have gone off a cliff. Surely the high paid execs must have realised that the golden rule of business is treating customers well.

Will the government step in and regulate given the way the company have ruined transport in Glasgow and put shareholder returns instead of providing an acceptable value for money service?

Time for them to be chased out of GLasgow.

On another note. I was in Manchester last week and i got change on a Firstbus. WHy are they doing this in Manchester and not in Glasgow? Surely it blows apart their argument for not giving change if they are doing it elsewhere on their network?

Robbie. At a Glasgow bus stop.

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