Better Buses


The focus of user’s comments rightly appears mainly to be on service timetables and prices. However it is important not to forget the environment on the buses is important in terms of passengers feeling safe and having untroubled journeys as well as playing a part in attracting people away from their cars and onto public transport. Unfortunately, although the majority of passengers are respectful of others, there is a small minority whose behaviour is troublesome to say the least. The question is how to achieve a culture of zero tolerance. Although it is too much to expect drivers to be in total control, better training would help them deal with such pressure incidents as well as improving their own interaction with the general public. Most important in this process would be a speedy response from the bus company to any incidents through more regular inspections. Inspectors were a common sight when First Bus originally got the franchise but they have largely disappeared as has the (wish?) list of dos and don’ts (eg no loud music, no hot food etc). C’mon First Bus, journeys should be on clean buses with welcoming staff backed up by a regular inspectorate thus making travel by public transport pleasant and not a last resort – the ammount you charge should at last ensure such a minimum of service

Richard Fearn. At a Glasgow bus stop.

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