Better Buses


We run a small bus group over in East Lothian campaigning for better rural bus services: RELBUS. There is a mix here of good, indifferent and bad. Poor connectivity and low services levels in some areas, opaque fares, dirty and old stop infrastructure, lousy information, noisy clunky old buses means the bus is seen as the transport option of last resort. Inter village connectivity is poor affecting employment and educational opportunities, with operators focusing on commuter routes, even when the trains are cheaper and quicker. There’s a failure to translate policies to get people to use the bus for short journeys – so intra town opportunities are being missed. Our rural towns are unusually congested with cars and people whinge about inadequate visitor parking. The council responds with proposals to build more car parks on the one hand and create more ‘inaccessible’ housing development out of town on the other. That said we’ve established a positive dialogue with some of the stakeholders … we shall see where this goes. If you are in rural East Lothian, swing by to and join us. or follow @relbus Our AGM is next tuesday 20th August, and we have Barry Hutton, sustainable transport expert giving us a short talk.

Philip. At a Lothian bus stop.

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