Better Buses


One simple way to fix Greater Glasgow’s bus problem: central control.

I work in London through the week. Here, Transport for London dictates routes and timetables. Bus companies run services under contract for TfL. Companies which fail to run to schedule risk losing the right to run services. Guess what: buses tend to run as advertised.

As another benefit, there’s a simple, centralised ticketing system – no all day or return tickets which are only valid on one company’s buses. And while Oyster season ticket cards are valid in certain zones for train and tube travel, they permit travel on ANY London bus.

There’s also a simple numbering system. No duplicated service numbers. When you see a number 54, you know exactly where it’s going. You don’t need to check which company is running the service.

The only issue this doesn’t address is the idiots playing techno music on their phones. I’d suggest reintroducing conductors as the answer to this.

Owen Duffy. At a Glasgow bus stop.

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