Better Buses


Why can Lothian buses give wheelchair users priority on the one spot allocated on board and yet first bus cannot? From Lothian buses website: If there is no wheelchair user on the bus, other passengers or one unfolded buggy may occupy the wheelchair space. Please note that wheelchair users have priority over everyone else for use of the wheelchair space, since this is the only space in which they can travel safely. Whenever the space is required by a wheelchair user, other passengers must move to make it available, and any buggies must be folded and stored safely elsewhere. Any buggy user who chooses to get off the bus so that a wheelchair user can travel will be issued with a receipt so that they can continue their journey free of charge on another bus I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been left at the bus stop because there is a pram occupying the spot. I am not having a go at parents for using this space, most would happily move or fold the buggy if the bus driver asked. Drivers sometimes just shrug and say ‘no space’ leaving you waiting for the next one no matter the weather.

Michael from the chair. At a Glasgow bus stop.

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