Better Buses


Why do drivers drive pass me with my child buggy, am I not to get the bus?  I think you should have inspectors on all buses would help the driver with bad customers and help the bus users with bags, buggies and stop the driver from running red lights everyday to put lots of you custermers in danger for the time it takes to wait for next green is shocking if you want al film some bad driving and send it to you but I think that this is a job for management. And police

And why do first buses go up an down all the time al tell you the air suspension needs looked at but cost to much and should the driver not tell someone at the start of the day/shift most driver don’t care that being thrown about in the bus seat driving should be smooth and steady not white van man that’s now driving buses buses should have something on them to stop bad driving and running red lights and intimidating other road users with the buses size

Leigh Scott. At a Glasgow bus stop.

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