Better Buses


I see that First have put their Glasgow MD ‘out to pasture’ according to the Herald. This is potentially one of the most significant events in Glasgow transport over the past while. It seems Ronnie Park, who I think did a pathetic job of managing First (I say this as a customer – I have no idea what he is like to work with), is being moved aside because he wouldn’t cut services further!! So, now someone from head office is coming in to chop services to the bone. This makes a mockery of First’s empty and meaningless language around the implementation of Simplicity. Of course it wasn’t about improving choice and increasing services. It was about bleeding more money from hard-up customers. But, in any case, Mr. Park has shown himself to be very poor at detail. Even now, months after simplicity launched, websites aren’t updated, bus shelters are showing the wrong timetables, advertising and pricing is frequently wrong or misleading, aside from a few flagship routes the fleet is decrepit and the buses rarely run to time. This is all easily fixable stuff if a good operations manager was in place. There clearly isn’t. My prediction – First surely won’t have the gall to put up prices again. So, goodbye non-peak time bus services. Hello split routes and older buses.

Jonny. At a Glasgow bus stop.

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