Better Buses


The abuse of power exercised by First is having an extremely negative impact on Glasgow’s economy. They are effectively restricting travel across the city and by reducing routes whenever they get the opportunity, are leaving people in more deprived areas effectively prisoners in their housing estates. What’s the encouragement to get a paying job when wages are disproportionately taken up with public transport?

It has now reached the stage where I have to consider whether its worth the money to go visit other parts of the city. Because First have decided to change routes and restrict the number of buses going from east-west and from north-south (instead many buses now terminate in the city centre), I am now forced to buy 2 single tickets costing £1.85. I could buy the overpriced £4.50 day ticket but I sometimes get a lift back and don’t see why i should be bullied into paying for a ticket that I shouldn’t need for a simple return journey in any case.

I also don’t think competition is the best solution either. If i buy a travel pass for a particular bus company, I don’t want to be restricted to that particular company’s buses and routes. Where is the sense in that? Imagine having to wait in the rain while 3 half empty buses pass you by because its not your bus company. I literally can’t imagine a more stupid unprogressive system.

Patrick – would it be possible for you to outline what the legislative possibility of re-regulating the bus system is? Is it a case that the genie is out of the bottle and First will claim it is a restriction of trade (or whatever other EU law applies) or is there a precedent for starting from scratch?

Joe Bloggs. At a Glasgow bus stop.

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