Better Buses


I could not believe my eyes when I saw the letter from the Director of First Bus Glasgow. It will be interesting to see what his survey says. Do we think he will be willing to share it? Who are these people who conduct the survey and who do they ask? I have travelled on the buses for years and I have NEVER been asked. The only thing I have seen about a survey is for Zone Card users and they get a freebie so do you think they are going to complain???
How does the Director get to his work and to meetings – does he take the bus? Very much doubt it.
What is his definition of reliability? Just turning up?????? Mine is buses turning up on time and adhering to their schedules – not turning up late, or sitting at the terminus with the drivers sleeping, reading papers, chatting to their mates then coming down late and nearly killing you as they speed down the road – then sitting not moving because they’ve gone too fast and are early. Or driving past the stops or being late and either turning short or displaying “not in service” To make it worse they are told to do this sometimes by the so-called Inspectors.
Would the Director be willing to meet us face to face?

Joan Murdoch. At a Glasgow bus stop.

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