Better Buses


I totally applaud Patrick Harvie’s motion. It is a disgrace that the Scottish Government has no mechanism to check bus reliability despite the fact that they had a published target!! Something has to be done about the appalling service that First provide to Glasgow which has the largest percentage of the population using public transport. I use the 54 and 61 which regularly do not meet their timetables. They are regularly late. Too many buses stop at the same bus stop (mainly Renfrew St; Hope Street; Argyle Street) and it is not unknown for them to ovetake another bus and drive past the stop. Also on the occasion that they are early on their route, they sit and wait till they catch up which is very frustrating. Apparently the drivers are penalised if they are early but they can be as late as they like without penalty!!!! Finally the condition of the buses are deplorable. We got stuck with a load of old buses from England while they got the new ones. These buses are ramshackle and not passenger friendly and constantly break down. With the amount of money that we are paying them WE DESERVE BETTER and NOW!!!!!!

Joan Murdoch. At a Glasgow bus stop.

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