Better Buses


Stop larger companies holding a monopoly over routes. i.e. First Buses. Provide better mobile phone apps to give up to the minute bus services, times, and numbers. Use double, not single decker buses on routes and at times where there is clearly a higher demand based on numbers forced to stand on moving single deckers. Get drivers of buses trained on basic public relations, grammar and an ability to speak English. As the un-friendly, un-helpful manner of them especially First drivers in Glasgow is a clear problem. Ditch the issueing of tickets in Glasgow as Edinburgh has done. AND SAVE NEEDLESS WASTEAGE OF PAPER. Introduce a Oyster Card equivalent that speeds and frees up the need for cash & change on buses and allows for a better integrated service – especially at Partick Inerchange which has 3 modes of transport. Bus, Trains & Subway. Look at introducing a Customer Panel of elected, voluntary members of the public, preferrably bus commuters to represent the views of the public in a more open, transparent way.

Jill Ferguson. At a Glasgow bus stop.

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