Better Buses


We’ve reached a nadir folks.

Planning to get the night bus home tonight. Turns out the monthly passes are now now longer valid on the night buses and you must pay separately for the journey.

Luckily i had £2 on me. The number of people at the various stops who had tickets they (rightly) believed were valid and who didn’t have change was alarming. At least 5 at each city centre stop. The driver showed no leeway to these people who had bought tickets in good faith and with no warning that the terms were going to change.

Sadly, i saw a few people sacrifice £5 notes for a single journey out of desperation so they didn’t have to get a taxi. Extortion in my opinion.

This is obscene behaviour. According to the driver it only came into effect last night. Hands up who know about this????? No-one I bet.


Jesse. At a Glasgow bus stop.

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