Better Buses


Yesterday I stood at the stop shown as CC in the new FirstBus Map and Guide as a stop for the new 38C (prev. 36). When the bus arrived (10min. late) it almost didn’t stop as the driver drove slightly past indicating that this wasn’t the correct bus stop. When I boarded he uttered something about the stop but I didn’t have the map with me to query this. Today, armed with a copy of the map, the same thing happened with the same driver! He did reluctantly stop but informed us that we were not at a bus stop as it didn’t have the bus stop sign showing the numbers and was/wasn’t (?) an SPT stop. I didn’t understand this part as the stop shows all the new FirstBus timetables. I mentioned these timetables in the shelter and showed him the FB Map. He then told me that it was an old map (it was issued at the Bus Station last Friday!). He then indicated a new third stop further along the road that was the correct stop. Why couldn’t this info have been shown at the “non-bus stop”. How is the public to know about a new bus stop when there are already two well established stops in this short area? My bus is only a 1/2hrly service at peak times, irrespective of their marketing campaign of a 6/9 minute service through the city centre, so I don’t want to have to wait for another 1/2hr if a driver decides not to stop for me. I’ve already sent details of my experience to FirstBus. The automatic response advises that they aim to respond to all contacts within 14 working days!

Jann. At a Glasgow bus stop.

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