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Jack Worcester

Will First Bus reimburse me for my 10 week bus ticket that I bought when it included use of the night bus?

You can’t take away a key part of the service with only 4 weeks warning when someone has just bought a 10 week ticket. What an insult.

£2 for anyone to use a nightbus whether they are just going to the Gallowgate or to the end of the line is crazy. If there are 3 of you a taxi is quicker and more convenient now.

It also treats loyal season ticket holders with contempt as you are charging them the same fare for a night ticket as someone who may only use the bus once every three months. Is there not even an option where day, week and monthly season ticket holders pay a reduced fare?

As of this month I will not be purchasing a season ticket again. Without the night bus it isn’t value for money. I’m going to do something i should have done a long time ago – leave 40 mins early and walk to work. I’m not the only one either.

Bye bye Firstbus.

You have pushed things too far.