Better Buses


Just a quick response to the letter in the ET by the First Glasgow MD.

Its symptomatic of First in Glasgow that they are quoting headline figures that undoubtedly cover or fudge a multitude of sins. This is the PR led approach I feel they have taken any time i have raised an issue with them. Completely lacking in sincerity.

A few questions…

1. Is the ‘99% reliability’ a census or is it a sample? If it is a sample on what basis is this done? Certainly doesn’t reflect the service i receive at least 60% of the time.

2. 86% of passengers are FAIRLY satisfied or very satisfied. Why don’t you break down the percentage of respondents to each of these categories? Its absolutely nothing to shout about that your customers are FAIRLY satisfied. In fact, i’d almost say that its a disgrace that you use that in defence of your service.

The other flaw with this survey is that it self-selects people that are forced to use the transport. It doesn’t factor in the tens of thousands of people in Glasgow who have stopped using the service because of price, customer service, aggressive drivers etc. So, by default the customers who are most disappointed with the service have already moved on to another method of transport and their opinions are not reflected in the survey.

I’d also like to see the methodology and sample size before I give the survey First commissioned an iota of credibility.

Very disappointing that First have come out in such a combative manner. Some contrition would be welcome – but, when you have a monopoly there is no need is there?

Keep up the good work Patrick.

This campaign is vital to give power back to Glasgow commuters.

Jack Worcester. At a Glasgow bus stop.

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