Better Buses


I am delighted to have discovered this site and congratulations to Patrick Harvie for setting up. I have been trying to persuaded First Bus and Avondale Coaches operating in the Clydebank area to liaise to provide a better timetable on a particular service within that area. At the moment they operate within a minute of each other, often empty. Both are unresponsive to my request, (First Bus said it would be ‘collusion’) and in Avondale’s case, uncommunicative as well. Aside from timetabling issues, there are issues around the environment, use of resources and road congestion involved, and yet nobody seems to have the power to do anything about this and other instances of timetabling madness. I am aware of Ian Gray’ efforts here toward re-regulation. It is indeed puzzling that not every politician in Scotland is lining up to make efforts to ensure a reliable and efficient bus service.

Honor. At a Glasgow bus stop.

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