Better Buses


I’m rather unimpressed at First Glasgow’s ‘rationalisation’ of the bus routes. The strategy seems to be to increase the number of buses going along main roads (oh, sorry, that should be ‘corridors’ as First are calling them) which were already well-served, combined with a reduction in areas which had pretty scarce services to begin with (I’m looking at you Kelvindale – now down to one bus every two hours after 6.30pm).

It also looks like First will be losing a lot of passengers to Stagecoach now that many of the Abronhill services have been discontinued (x4, x80) and the number of buses serving the area has been halved (from four an hour down to two). Rather inconvenient for those of us who rely on buses to commute.

What I would like to see is regulation of the buses – make sure that non-profitable routes are kept for those who rely on them, that all routes have a sensible service (at least one bus per hour), and that people can buy a 4-week ticket knowing that the buses will still be running in 4 weeks time!

Gav S. At a Glasgow bus stop.

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