Better Buses


I have travelled, worked and lived in cities all over Europe. Glasgow has the worst bus service and most un-integratd public transport system of any I have visited, only marginally pipped by Liverpool where Arriva (and even First) do not insist on exact fares.
Arriving home from Berlin for instance, where I have bought one fairly cheap ticket to take me and my luggage swiftly to an airport beyond the boundaries of the city on three different networks, I never cease to be utterly dismayed. Why do I have to buy another ticket or pay a surcharge to an already over-priced ticket (it costs only £3.10 on the train from Glasgow to Paisley) to get to my journey’s end.
Am I not welcome?
I’m sure all visitors feel the same way.

Why are First drivers in Glasgow not allowed to touch money? Is it because their employers don’t trust them or does it mean that they can pay them less? Why only Glasgow?

What incentive is there to use the bus when a six minute car journey on a trickle of fuel can take over an hour on First buses? I walk when I can, but only because I can and because I usually have to in order to get to my destination on time.

Ewan Hunter. At a Glasgow bus stop.

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