Better Buses


The price of bus travel is shocking. I live in the West End and it is cheaper for me to use either the train or the underground than it is the bus (both of which are quicker, cleaner and more comfortable). I find, when I have time, I would rather walk the extra 15 mins to the underground than take a bus. Why can a person travelling from Clydebank get into town for the same price I pay nearly 6 miles nearer the city centre. First Bus have a stranglehold monopoly on buses and I find that unacceptable. They say their pricing is simple (after I complained about a shocking fare rise) but simple does not mean fair and the price system is very unfair in my opinion.

I also find it staggering that there is no decent bus service between the top and lower parts of the west end. If I want to go to the shops or services in Partick I have to walk as the only regular service down the way had a route change and now it just follows another bus route…pointless.

I could rant further but those are my main points.

Diane Jardine. At a Glasgow bus stop.

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