Better Buses


After being forced to overpay on the bus today for the millionth time (because my stop is not near any shops and I never have the correct change), something occurred to me that I would really like cleared up.

Do bus companies pay taxes on the money collected that is in excess of the correct fare?

I’ve got a bad feeling they will treat it much the same way as a tip or gratuity at a restaurant. If this is the case, then I think it deserves further scrutiny and investigation.

I also call on First bus to reveal how much they coin in on excess fares each year and suggest they make the gesture of giving the money to charity or some other worthwhile local causes. This is, after all, not their money. They have not earned it and it is morally wrong in my opinion for them to absorb it into their company.

I find it very unusual that Glasgow has this system.



This is a very good point and something that we will be looking into.

Curious... At a Glasgow bus stop.

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