Better Buses


First have managed to go from having a terrible service from the East to West of Glasgow to having none at all. In addition to no service, they also have no joined up transfer ticket. So from home to work – less than 4 miles – would now cost £3.80 single or about a pound a mile! Given both home and work are fairly central, this is just a joke. The buses we do now have are all 38s, with 38, 38A, 38B, 38C, 38E (no D as far as I can see) all going to different places in the East End. This is just baffling and will end up with many people being lost or stranded in some areas of the East End it would be best not to end up stranded and lost in. It’s an embarrassment, given the number of tourists we’ll have turning up next year. Buses should be re-nationalised to make them a public service again.

Cath. At a Glasgow bus stop.

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