Better Buses


The new First bus fare rises are a joke. Has the new MD learned NOTHING from her previous boss’ tenure. There is a causal link between bus prices and passenger numbers. They may have placated people for a few months with slightly reduced fares, but now they are ratcheting them up again. I’m also irritated by the reference in the press release to the fact that these current fare rises are still cheaper than the buses were – “Our FirstWeek and First4Week are actually cheaper now than they were in April 2012” I don’t even understand this? First keep going on about this hugely expensive 4 week ticket – no one ever seemed to be paying it in the first case – my ticket has always been about the £30-35 mark; When they launched their ‘overhaul’ recently they wheeled out all these pass prices that they didn’t actually charge. In fact they were probably so confused by their own byzantine ticketing and pricing system that they didn’t have a clue what was going on. And, why bother insulting people with a 5p rise to a single (making it £1.95). Who in this day and age carries about 95p in change? You know you are going to get £2 from 99% of customers so lets just drop the act. And, i see you are freezing the nightbus price. Thats fantastic, but it doesn’t really offer much consolation to those of us who buy a supposedly unlimited monthly ticket yet who can’t use it on a night bus. Joke of a company continually ripping it out of the Glaswegian public. Regulate NOW!

aaa. At a Glasgow bus stop.

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