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Stagecoach dub Bus Regulation plans "immoral"! Patrick responds

Stagecoach has written to Patrick, lashing out against Iain Gray’s proposed Bus Regulation Bill, which they dub both “immoral” and possibly a violation of Human Rights.

In the letter, they state: “We doubt whether proposed legislation to confiscate the freedom to operate commercially will comply with EU Human Rights legislation, and in any event we consider such action would be immoral.”

Patrick is a supporter of the plans to re-regulate Scotland’s local bus services, and has been encouraging Better Buses supporters to respond positively to the consultation on Iain Gray’s proposals.

Patrick said: “Stagecoach’s comments on the bill are utterly laughable. The ludicrous suggestion that it’s actually immoral to rein in the behaviour of the free market is followed immediately by a complaint that there’s not enough public subsidy. This is mental gymnastics of Olympic standard.

“The plain fact is that the countries which manage to provide the high quality public transport that Scotland deserves do it with a mix of regulation, subsidy, and in some cases public ownership. We won’t achieve the much needed step change in services until Governments – and operators – accept that reality.”

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