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First announces fare revisions for Greater Glasgow services

First Bus has announced fare revisions for their Greater Glasgow services, due to take effect on Sunday 6 April.

Many fares remain unchanged, and the cost of a standard single has risen only 5 pence (although at £1.95, it will be just that wee bit more difficult to have the exact fare ready!).

However, with many four week tickets going up £7 (a rise of 18%) many commuters will feel the pinch.

First Glasgow scored relatively well on value for money in the recent Passenger Focus survey (although notably poorer than Lothian Buses, the only other Scottish service surveyed).

We’ve argued that re-regulation (if combined with investment) could help improve services and keep fares down (you can read First’s response in their letter to the Scotsman).

You can view the full list of changes on the First website.

As ever, we’re keen to hear your views. Do you think the changes are justified? Has the SimpliCITY service improved buses in Glasgow? All thoughts – good and bad – welcome!

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