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Better Buses Gets Bigger!


I started the Better Buses campaign so that the voice of Glasgow’s bus users could be made louder by speaking collectively. Now it’s time to make that message louder still, by gathering the comments of people all across Scotland.

The big idea behind Better Buses was to give bus users a voice. Motorists have a powerful political lobby and train users benefit from a closely regulated system. Bus users have neither.

Through street surveys, online polling, social media and direct contributions to this website, I’ve collected first-hand experiences of the city’s buses. The picture is clear – we have a service that is failing to deliver. So many places in Europe enjoy public transport that makes for cleaner and greener places to live, as well as making life easier for people in every walk of life. So why can’t we?

As many respondents highlighted, much of the problem is systematic. Many of the failings stem from lack of regulation and insufficient investment, which are far from being unique to Glasgow.

Equally, there are problems particular to rural areas that need to be considered if the Scottish Parliament is to act to improve our buses.

When passengers have no voice, it is no surprise their services are treated as the lowest priority. By encouraging comments from across Scotland, I hope we can make the voice of bus users loud enough that it cannot be ignored any longer.

This doesn’t mean that I’ll be taking my eye off the situation in Glasgow. As an MSP for Glasgow, and a daily user of buses in the city, it will remain my most immediate concern. Not every improvement to the buses that people have suggested requires regulation, and I will continue to push for things that can be done here and now.


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