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Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

The price of public transport is a disgrace to encourage people to use it it much be cheaper I only travel about 8 stops yet it’s nearly £2.00

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Kerry Mulraney

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Hi the 4 weekly city zone is up from £38 to £45 a 18% price hike a total disgrace. If the stopped having heating on full blast in summer surely that would help keep prices down. .. Shocking.

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kirsty young

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

i am writing to complain to first bus as i sat at silverburn bus termanis today for atleast half an hour before seeing busses fly by on the main road do you not think there should be something telling you they dont come in the the station in the mornings as i am now late for work pregnant and walking it!!

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Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Typical of a privatised monopoly. 18% increase in the cost of my 4 weekly ticket. They can do what they like. So much for public transport. The Scottish government needs to look a the cost of free unlimited transport throughout Scotland if the only way to pay for it is by allowing the bus companies to hike up the fares whenever they feel like it. I am so angry. My salary keeps going down but the bus fares keep going up. Surely there should be some control on the fare increase.

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Nicola Kane

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Hi there, I am sick of the price increases for Firstbus. A single ticket was £1.90 until 01/04/14 when it went up to (and had this checked with Firstbus Glasgow) £3.75!!! However a return is £3.00. I get a lift into work but bus home how can they justify this price increase? I use service 1A and it is the only service I can use for my area and no other bus company. It is ridiculous!

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Thursday, May 1st, 2014

The new First bus fare rises are a joke. Has the new MD learned NOTHING from her previous boss’ tenure. There is a causal link between bus prices and passenger numbers. They may have placated people for a few months with slightly reduced fares, but now they are ratcheting them up again. I’m also irritated by the reference in the press release to the fact that these current fare rises are still cheaper than the buses were – “Our FirstWeek and First4Week are actually cheaper now than they were in April 2012” I don’t even understand this? First keep going on about this hugely expensive 4 week ticket – no one ever seemed to be paying it in the first case – my ticket has always been about the £30-35 mark; When they launched their ‘overhaul’ recently they wheeled out all these pass prices that they didn’t actually charge. In fact they were probably so confused by their own byzantine ticketing and pricing system that they didn’t have a clue what was going on. And, why bother insulting people with a 5p rise to a single (making it £1.95). Who in this day and age carries about 95p in change? You know you are going to get £2 from 99% of customers so lets just drop the act. And, i see you are freezing the nightbus price. Thats fantastic, but it doesn’t really offer much consolation to those of us who buy a supposedly unlimited monthly ticket yet who can’t use it on a night bus. Joke of a company continually ripping it out of the Glaswegian public. Regulate NOW!

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Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

I am delighted to have discovered this site and congratulations to Patrick Harvie for setting up. I have been trying to persuaded First Bus and Avondale Coaches operating in the Clydebank area to liaise to provide a better timetable on a particular service within that area. At the moment they operate within a minute of each other, often empty. Both are unresponsive to my request, (First Bus said it would be ‘collusion’) and in Avondale’s case, uncommunicative as well. Aside from timetabling issues, there are issues around the environment, use of resources and road congestion involved, and yet nobody seems to have the power to do anything about this and other instances of timetabling madness. I am aware of Ian Gray’ efforts here toward re-regulation. It is indeed puzzling that not every politician in Scotland is lining up to make efforts to ensure a reliable and efficient bus service.

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Alex Barrett

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Firstbus have no interest in in improving public transport, Rather it seems more like cost cutting while increasing fares. It now seems that after cutting the x80 and x4 service they are now cutting the x5. Prices are rising way above infation while services are being cut. It now looks like those that work late shifts will have no transport options other than taxi to get back to cumbernauld. First they removed the night service n36 assuming that we only needed an n38. Lots of people on nights out used the n36 and while sometimes not many used it to get back past glasgow it wasnt quiet enough to justify stopping it. Not to mention that there were (including me) using the service to get home from work. How can they justify such huge ticket hikes while systematically removing services. First bus are always poor to notify of changes to there service. The first i knew of the n36 being withdrawn was when i and several others were waiting for it and it did not turn up. Other service reductions have usually been spotted on small a4 printed notices on the bus that not everyone can see. By the time you see the changes its too late to complain or do anything about it. Not only does this cause much frustration and worry to people traveling. It causes stress and problems with drivers who have to deal with angry customers. Its not fair on drivers or travelers. Pretty much we are getting screwed over by a greedy irresponsible company that are more interested in paying the shareholders and keeping “big boss” bonuses. If first bus want to make buses better then they have to sacrafice some profit to provide the services the public need.

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Susan Blue

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Can’t believe First MD Fiona Kerr! “I’m pleased we’ve been able to freeze many of our fares.” Really? How come most of your long suffering passengers are having their fares increased, some by £7 or more a month and services are still late or don’t show at all.

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Bob Johnston

Monday, March 31st, 2014

On many buses I find that the bus moves off befote you have a chance to sit down. Very dangerous especially for those less agile than they once were.

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