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It's Question Time

We have compiled a list of Questions that you want answered about the buses.  The list has gone to SPT, Bus Passenger Platform, Passenger Focus and FirstBus


When they get back to us we will post the answers here so keep a look out!





Questions from BetterBuses users

I sent a complaint in to the bus company and they didn’t reply to me. What can I do?
Who has the overview of where the bus routes go and where they stop? It seems to be a total free-for-all.
The bus route closest to me stopped running and now there are no buses to get me into town. Where can I complain?
Companies are cutting essential buses to places we need to go, like the hospitals, what can be done to stop them cutting out buses that we need? Who can I appeal to?
Our local bus timetable has been really reduced in the evenings and at weekends.  Is a bus company allowed to just run buses at the busy times and not at all in the evenings on a really important route?
When buses make changes to the bus timetables they don’t seem to ask the passengers what they think? Is there anything that would make the bus companies consult with passengers before they make changes?
Why does Union Street have so many buses? The bus stops are crowded and buses are queuing. Isn’t there anywhere else for them to go?
In Glasgow there is a real problem with buses having the same number but different routes, or routes splitting. Why can’t each bus have a route number so people don’t get confused.
Who do I complain to about the buses being late so often?
Buses keep coming by my stop early. This is really annoying, Is there anything to stop buses being early?
Buses aren’t like trains in that they have to travel on a private road, so punctuality is going to be more of a problem. Do companies take into account rush hour and slower moving traffic at certain times of the day or do they just run to the same timetable?
The trains have targets for punctuality and the results are displayed in stations and published on the web. Is there anything similar for buses.
Can I get compensation from a bus company if my bus is late?
Are there targets for bus punctuality and how is it monitored?
My bus stop was just taken away and replaced by a sign. Who can I complain to?
How do we get a bus shelter at our stop? We are always getting soaked.

Why don’t bus companies need to give us decent notice before they put the prices up?  We seem to get less than a week’s notice and then you have to be ready with the right change and people get caught out.
Is there anything to stop the bus companies putting the fares up as much as they like and as often as they like?
Why do some buses give change and some don’t – it doesn’t seem to take any longer?
Why can’t we have smart cards in Glasgow?
Are bus companies making loads of money out of the government concessionary fares scheme?
The bus company just stopped taking bus passes for night buses when I had already bought my four-week bus pass, are they allowed to do that?

How often do buses get cleaned?
The exhaust fumes from buses in the centre of Glasgow is really bad, are there any laws that limit the emissions from buses and who is monitoring it?
Is there a bus lifespan? The buses on my route from Clydebank are really old and rickety, are there any rules to say how old a bus can be or what state it should be in?
Bus Accessibility
I often have trouble getting a bus because I have a buggy. Is there any law that says that buses need to have accessible doorways for the disabled and those with buggies?
How do I complain about not being let on the bus with my buggy?

Who is responsible for Information on bus stops? Why is it out of date and why don’t we have maps?
Is there live data on bus stops in Glasgow? Sometimes it seems there is and sometimes it seems that there isn’t. When you stand at a bus stop a bus can disappear from the electronic board and no bus has passed. What is going on?
Edinburgh buses have brilliant phone apps giving live timetable data so you know exactly when to be at the bus stop. Why can’t we have that in Glasgow. Traveline Scotland just isn’t the same.
Part of the problem with buses is that they get delayed going through town with the congestion. Why do buses have through routes when most people are just travelling into town or home from town?

I am a cyclist and my regular commute is along Dumbarton road through Yoker. There are loads of buses and they drive really close and a couple of times I have nearly come off. What training and awareness do bus drivers get about cyclists and what can I do to complain?

We have had lots of tweets and website posts to betterbuses saying that Lothian buses are much better than Glasgow buses, is there a reason for this?
Someone got on the bus in front of me with a can of tenants but I wasn’t allowed on with my takeaway cappuccino. You can take coffee onto trains why not onto buses?
I’ve seen guys with high viz jackets and clipboards at the bus stops in union street. What are they doing?
What kind of vetting procedure is there for bus companies wanting to run routes in a town?