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Charlie Anderson, Chair of the Bus Passenger Platform, the body dealing with Bus Complaints answers some of your questions.


SPT are also getting back to us with the answers to some more questions. And the ultrimate guide to the madness of the buses will be published on this website at the end of August – the Big Plan for Better Buses!

I sent a complaint in to the bus company and they didn’t reply to me. What can I do?
If you have contacted the operator and have not received a response to your satisfaction you may wish to contact the Bus Passengers’ Platform (BPP).  BPP can review the way in which bus operators have handled certain bus complaints.

Who has the overview of where the bus routes go and where they stop? It seems to be a total free-for-all. Traffic Commissioner: however, you’re right in that anyone with the correct credentials can start a bus service

Our local bus timetable has been really reduced in the evenings and at weekends.  Is a bus company allowed to just run buses at the busy times and not at all in the evenings on a really important route? basic answer is “yes”

Who do I complain to about the buses being late so often?Bus operator/Traffic Commissioner/BPP

The trains have targets for punctuality and the results are displayed in stations and published on the web. Is there anything similar for buses. No direct equivalent

Can I get compensation from a bus company if my bus is late? Possibly – but bus operator must be first point of contact

Are there targets for bus punctuality and how is it monitored? Traffic Commissioner

My bus stop was just taken away and replaced by a sign. Who can I complain to? Local Authority

Why don’t bus companies need to give us decent notice before they put the prices up?  We seem to get less than a week’s notice and then you have to be ready with the right change and people get caught out. Bus operator – grounds for complaint to Traffic Commissioner/BPP

Is there anything to stop the bus companies putting the fares up as much as they like and as often as they like? No – in theory “ the market” will intervene

Why do some buses give change and some don’t – it doesn’t seem to take any longer? Ask the Bus operator, but “exact fare” is much quicker

The bus company just stopped taking bus passes for night buses when I had already bought my four-week bus pass, are they allowed to do that? Adequate notice must be given

The exhaust fumes from buses in the centre of Glasgow is really bad, are there any laws that limit the emissions from buses and who is monitoring it? Scottish Government/Local Authority, but the fumes aren’t just from buses – cars are also offenders

I often have trouble getting a bus because I have a buggy. Is there any law that says that buses need to have accessible doorways for the disabled and those with buggies?  Scottish Government – there is a timetable towards 100% compliance

How do I complain about not being let on the bus with my buggy?  Bus operator/BPP

Part of the problem with buses is that they get delayed going through town with the congestion. Why do buses have through routes when most people are just travelling into town or home from town?  There are a number of operational reasons, which the individual operator would have to explain

We have had lots of tweets and website posts to betterbuses saying that Lothian buses are much better than Glasgow buses, is there a reason for this?  Subjective – can’t comment

Someone got on the bus in front of me with a can of tenants but I wasn’t allowed on with my takeaway cappuccino. You can take coffee onto trains why not onto buses?  This may or may not be within BPP’s scope but much more specific information would be needed