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In the past months of looking into how the buses work: bus legislation, bus policy, bus regulation and deregulation, bus complaints and how bus performance is monitored we have realised the complexity of  the system.


Things have come a long way from the days of the Corporation buses and so we have asked some of the main groups involved to answer your questions on the buses.

So if you have ever wondered how to complain about a bus, or whether anyone ensures the safety of buses, or what pollution they emit; or how bus routes are determined, or price rises, or punctuality. Or if you have wondered whether anyone is keeping tabs on the buses, or what subsidy the buses get from the government, now is the time to ask.


First up is Passenger Focus.  This is a government body that speaks up for train passengers in he whole UK, and bus and coach users only in England. Patrick has submitted a motion to the Parliament calling on the government to implement a bus passenger survey like the one that Passenger Focus delivers in England and in Wales (where they have no statutory remit on buses).

Then it will be Bus Passenger Platform. This body was established by the Scottish Government to review the way in which bus operators have handled certain bus complaints.

Then we are hoping for something from SPT, the bus driver unions, the Traffic Commissioner and we might even ask a bus company or two…..