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Patrick responds to FirstBus Chief Letter

Patrick wrote to the Evening times in response to the letter from FirstBus Chief Ronnie Park.  The letter was pubished on Saturday19 May












Here is a copy of the unedited letter Patrick wrote:

‘I’m grateful to Ronnie Park of First Glasgow for letting us know that he surveys bus passengers to find out if we’re satisfied with the service we rely on. I can’t seem to find this survey on the First Glasgow website though – maybe he could add it along with a comments section so that we can all offer feedback. Alternatively he would be welcome to post it to my website at which is still open for ideas, comments and debate from bus passengers across Glasgow.

‘But the main point I was making about buses running reliably is that we should also be surveying the buses, not just the passengers! Much more information is produced for England and Wales, allowing passengers and the politicians who spend taxpayers’ money on bus services to judge how one company is doing against another. If Ronnie’s pride in his service is justified, I hope he’ll join me in calling for this information to be gathered and published for Scotland too, so that we can all see how our buses perform against the best and worst in the country.’

Patrick Harvie MSP