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Patrick Harvie condemns "sticking plaster" approach to bus funding

Patrick Harvie has responded with criticism to the Scottish Government’s latest funding deal with bus operators.

The deal will see £10 million made available to help with cash flow, and a phased reduction in the level of reimbursement firms receive for concessionary travel.

At present, the rate of reimbursement is 67% of an adult fare. This will fall to 60% in 2013/14, and 58.1% in 2014/15. Up until 2010, the rate had been 73.6%.

Patrick Harvie said: “This last-minute fumbling for spare change to tide over a vital public service shows that buses remain a low priority for the Scottish Government. Operators will continue to struggle, putting services at risk and leaving passengers to pay higher fares.

“SNP ministers seem happy with a sticking plaster approach to bus funding and a lack of regulation. Scotland’s travelling public deserve better.”