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Passenger Survey Reveals Top Concerns

A preliminary look at the data from our survey of bus users in Glasgow reveals more than 90 per cent don’t feel involved when changes are made to their service.

This finding comes just as First Group hiked fares last week by a massive 50 per cent for child all day tickets and 28 per cent for singles. Later this month a severe reduction in services will cut off many neighbourhoods in the city.

Patrick said ‘The initial results back up what many constituents have said in recent months – there is no attempt to consult them before services are cut or fares are jacked up. Private operators have a track record of behaving like the buses are their personal enterprise when in fact they are a vital public service.  I have already had more than 100 bus users complete the online survey and I look forward to receiving more comments via the website and on Twitter so I can help the bus users of Glasgow build a case for better regulation, better services and better prices.’