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Parliament to debate buses

This morning (Thursday) there will be a debate in the Scottish Parliament about buses.


Patrick’s amendment calls for more of a voice for bus users in deciding and designing bus services, and calls on the government to provide adequate funding for bus servies and to bring forward legislation to regulate bus services. The motion also calls for Passenger Focus,  the statutory body that represents all train passengers and bus users in England, to represent Scottish bus users.

The full wording of the amendment is below. More news to follow after the debate.

Motion S4M-02639.4: Patrick Harvie, Glasgow, Scottish Green Party, Date Lodged: 18/04/2012


As an amendment to motion S4M-02639 in the name of Elaine Murray (Transport), leave out from second “notes” to end and insert “believes that successive Scottish administrations have failed both to provide the level of financial support necessary to maintain high quality and affordable bus transport in all communities and to adequately regulate the industry to ensure value for taxpayers’ money; recognises that bus fares in many parts of Scotland are now less affordable than train fares and even taxis in some circumstances; considers that fuel prices are likely to continue to rise and that this will create a greater need for high quality and affordable public transport as an alternative to private car use; notes the lack of any statutory body protecting the interests of bus passengers; believes that bus users’ voices are not being adequately heard in the debate on bus transport; encourages bus passengers to publish their views through the website; calls on the Scottish Government to reverse the cut in the Bus Service Operators Grant, ensure that overall public spending on bus services is adequate to protect services, jobs and fares and extend the remit of Passenger Focus in Scotland to bus users, and believes that new legislation is required to enable the regulation of bus services in Scotland to ensure sustainable and reliable bus services throughout the country.”