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Glasgow City Council Debate the Buses

On Thursday, councillors at Glasgow City Council debated a motion put by Councillor Jonathan Findlay, who is also the Chairman of SPT.  There was plenty of political posturing and mud-slinging over whose fault the current situation is.

During the debate Councillor Findlay admitted that the wording for his motion came  from the SNP 2003 manifesto.

In fact the motion, which reads as follows

“This Council recognises the failure of bus deregulation across Scotland. It calls on the Scottish Government to bring forward legislation as a matter of urgency to allow the regulation or franchising of bus services to ensure that service provision matches need, is of high quality and makes public transport an attractive, reliable and affordable option.”

is a cross between the motion calling for reregulation of bus services at the SNP’s 2006 conference, which began: “The SNP recognises the failures of bus deregulation across Scotland and reiterates its support for re-regulation of Scotland’s buses.”

and the SNP’s 2003 manifesto which read “The SNP will bring forward legislation to allow the regulation of buses and ensure that service provision matches need and is of high quality to make public transport an attractive, reliable, and affordable option.”

The motion was passed by the council with an amendment from the Greens.

Following the debate Patrick Harvie MSP said:

“Greens have long campaigned for public transport and it’s pleasing to see other parties realising the importance of the buses in Glasgow. A suggestion by the SNP that we can’t afford to regulate the bus companies is ludicrous. We already give substantial public funds to private operators and should expect a decent service.

“I urge passengers to share thier views via the Better Buses website so it is their needs that drive the improvements.”