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Bus free-for-all is not serving patients, staff or visitors to Southern General

On Monday 25th June Patrick met with Niall McGrogan, Head of Transport at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, and Mark McAllister, Community Liaison for the Southern General Hospital to discuss the problems that patients, staff and visitors experience when trying to get to the Southern General Hospital.

The Southern General will, when complete, be the biggest hospital in Scotland and Niall and his team are trying to improve on the currently poor public transport links to the hospital.  Despite all the efforts that they will be making to improve access for buses, and to provide travel plants to patients, visitors and staff, decisions on how many buses come to the hospital will still be determined by the bus companies.

Patrick spoke about the situation after the meeting.

He said  “Whether its for the patients, visitors or staff of the NHS, we’ve absolutely got to make sure there is a joined-up, reliable and affordable public transport service and it is abundantly clear that the current free-for-all deregulated system is not working in the patients’ interests or in the interests of providing access to good quality healthcare”