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First cuts fares! (for a lucky few)

Last night, we saw on Twitter the welcome news that First Bus is cutting their prices in Glasgow. At last! OK, so it was only FirstWeek tickets that were being cut (and this after hiking the cost of FirstCards last month) but still, it was something to be cheerful about for once.

Today though, after a bit of digging, it seems that this good news is not all that it seems.

First introduced big changes to their prices in April this year, with FirstWeek prices taking a big hike. A one week Glasgow City ticket went up from £14.00 to £15.50 and tickets in Dumbarton saw a similar increase. These increases have not been reversed in the latest announcement, so many will still be paying more than they were this time last year.

While a lucky few will see big reductions to their fare, it seems that many of us are still stuck with the higher prices that were introduced in Spring, and that First is being a tad selective when promoting their new fares.