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Consultation deadline extended for Bus Bill consultation

BRB responsePatrick has given his backing to a proposed bill to re-regulate bus services in Scotland, and he is asking all bus users to make their voice heard too.

The on-going consultation on Iain Gray’s proposed Bus Regulation Bill is an opportunity for bus users, and for people interested in Scotland having a better bus service, to have their say.

If enacted, this bill would give local transport authorities far greater powers to shape the services we make use of on a daily basis.

Due to increasing interest in the bill, the deadline for responses is now 11th October. Email your response to

You can read Patrick’s full response by clicking here. Feel free to copy or adapt this text when submitting your own response.

You can see more details on the Bill, and the full consultation document on the Scottish Parliament website.

Please be aware that the normal practice is to make consultation responses public. For full details, please see page 12 of the consultation document.