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Community Transport users 'Still Waiting' for a better bus pass

Age Scotland Still Waiting 05.07.13 CROP

Today I visited Age Scotland’s shop on Union Street to give my support to their Still Waiting campaign.

They are calling for an extension of the National Concessionary Travel (NTC) scheme – the free bus pass for those aged 60 and over and the disabled – to include community transport providers.

At the moment, the NCT card can only be used on commercial services and those who rely on community transport to get around still have to fork out.

Not only is this unfair to community transport users, it also deprives the small organisations that provide these services a much needed cash flow.

Community transport is about more than getting people from A to B; it keeps families and communities together and enables people to play a full and active part in society.

Where commercial operators fail to provide an adequate service, or where individuals require a more specialist provision, community transport represents a real life line.

It is only fair that those who provide or rely on these services share in the support that is currently extended to others, and I think it is time for the Scottish Government to act on the calls of this campaign.

For more information on Age Scotland’s Still Waiting campaign, see their website.