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Bus debate in Parliament

Here is the press release that Patrick put out following the bus debate.



Speaking in today’s debate in the Scottish Parliament on buses, Green MSP Patrick Harvie accused the government and other opposition parties of failing to listen to passengers.


Mr Harvie used his tablet device to show MSPs in the chamber his Better Buses website which is gathering hundreds of comments from bus users.


The on-line Better Buses survey reveals 62% of bus users are unsatisfied with bus services, 86% say buses are not value for money and 71% say buses are unreliable.


92% do not feel that their opinion counts when changes are made to bus services.


Mr Harvie said: “SNP, Labour and the Libdems ave failed to properly fund bus services and regulate them. In opposition they call for action but when in government they fail to deliver.


“For a family to get from one side of Glasgow to the other it can be cheaper going by taxi. Surely situations like that should shock us into action?


“It’s also shocking there is still no statutory body protecting the interests of bus passengers. Given the lack of action from ministers I would encourage bus users to continue contributing to the Better Buses website so their voice get louder.”


The Better Buses website is and the Twitter account is @betterbuses.