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The Better Buses campaign got a mention in the Diary in the Sunday Herald this week.  Barry Didcock must have been trying to get a bus to work…..

‘WHILE political parties across Europe concern themselves unnecessarily with the Greek crisis and the dangers facing the eurozone, the Scottish Greens have spotted the bigger issue – the reliability of Scotland’s buses – and launched a stinging attack on the Government’s Transport Minister.

‘Or as stinging an attack as you can launch with a weapon that turns up five minutes early or 10 minutes late.

‘In answer to a parliamentary question tabled by Green MSP Patrick Harvie, Scotland’s bus tsar Keith Brown admitted that data on bus punctuality was not routinely collected. I know, it’s hard to believe isn’t it?

‘I do hope Mr Harvie keeps up the pressure because there are one or two other bus-related questions I would like to see aired at Holyrood. Like: why aren’t there more of those bendy ones they have on the Continent, and who picks up all the Metros at the end of the day?’